The Team

The Justifiers

Team Members

Eclipse Detective, Energy Projector.

Prism Law Student, Energy Projector

Firebrand Poly Sci Student, Fast Bruiser

Arclight SUPER HERO, Energy Projecting Flying Bruiser

Mass Master Ex-con Heavy Bruiser

Speed Trap Ex-con/musician, Speedster



After asking both Eclipse and Prism if they'd be willing to lead the team if asked, and being told "NO", MassMaster discovered that he had been chosen by the General as the defacto leader anyway, not exactly a job he feels qualified for.

After the horrible battle in California to rescue his sister, MassMaster decided that he would have to learn about leadership and tactics, but having poor reading skills has made that a slow and painful process. He's relied mostly on documentary films and TV shows, but has started reading "The Art of War", a book recommended to him by the historian at the Fort Pickett Library.

MassMaster has basically chosen Prism and Eclipse as his advisory committee, with Firebrand and SpeedTrap serving as his "enthusiasm".

When in the field Prism and Eclipse head up the Investigation Division of the team, with SpeedTrap and Firebrand as the Distraction and Senseless Violence Division. Arclight is proving to show a leaning towards science and forensic studies which makes her the official Science Division of the Team.


Staff Members

General Hawkins Head of BOMA, this mysterious figure looks far younger then he is.

Colonel Nelson By no means a yes man, this the the General's right hand man.

Sergeant Z A combat instructor, and all around cool guy.


Friends and Family (And all folks beyond)

Lilian (Laramey) Anderson Sister to Quinn Laremy (Mass Master)

Mr. Chicago Chicago super type, very freindly!


The Villains

Sunburst Bad News!