History of the Heroic World

(As we know it)


The world history for PWNHG is a mirror of our world history, up until the Early 1970's. From there, things get a little weird.

The early 1970's saw the emergence of the first "mutants". These were people entering their adolescent years and gaining strange abilities in the bargain. The "Paranormal Issue" became a hotly debated subject in many countires.

There was a broad base of abilities present, but none of them as powerful as those of today. Anything from the ability to change skin pigment, to the natural power of flight were manifested. There seemed to be no geographically specific locations which were more likely to give rise to mutations, and no apparent ecological reason why. Many theories arose from the world's scientists, and that particular debate as to what caused the rise of mutation of this scale in humans still rages to this day

There is no evidence of "fatal" mutations from these early years, and this is thought to be due to nothing more then "misdiagnosis" of other incidents such as heart attacks, mysterious sickness and the more obscure cases such as spontaneous combustion and the like.

During these early years the nations of the world took many different approaches to the matter.

In the European nations a "hands-off" approach was adopted, which left mutants alone for the most part, treating them like any other citizen.

China, Eastern Block and Soviet nations didn't release much information (naturally) but it was learned that the government "indoctrinated" a number of mutants into national service.

Japan took a more public, but still national approach by asking it's mutants to serve their country, most did willingly.

The USA was slowed down in red tape and wishy/washy thinking mostly brought on by the fact that the nation was in a war in Vietnam and didn't want to deal with anymore internal headaches. This changed when mutants started to become dangerous, both in powers and their power levels.

Mutant rights and registration became a hot topic, with Colorado, California, and New York adopting their own legislation. The debate heated up in the case of Colorado vs. Thomas Sloan, 1978. Sloan was a mutant, who had refused to register with the Colorado State Board of Mutant Registration. The media went crazy for the case, and it became a national story in less then three weeks. Sloan petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the case, who ruled that mutant registration was not unconstitutional, and was to be treated in a similar fashion as registering of weapons. This encouraged more states to adopt their own legislation, and by 1979 every state in the union with the exception of Hawaii had a mutant registration law on the books.

In October of 1979 the FBI cracked a series of murders in Southern states that turned out to have been committed by racial purists. About 9 mutants were killed, and burned on crosses in Georgia and Alabama. This got human rights activists in an uproar because it was discovered that the mutants who died had all registered and their files had been compromised. The FBI case caused the Supreme Court to rethink it's stand on mutant registration. The new decision was that mutant registration would be voluntary, but States would be allowed to enforce harsher penalties on criminals who have mutant powers but do not register. The Federal government was asked to oversee the registration process, to help safe guard the records of those who did register, and the Secret Service was the agency put on the case as an extension of their computer systems protection duties. At this point, paranoia amoung mutants becomes relatively common.

The 80's saw big hair bands, home computers, and the first of the "real" super heroes and villians. The government had been working on the problem for the majority of the 70's. Super-soldier serums, high-tech weapons research, powered armor and a host of other solutions. None was terribly effective, and none met the governments idea of a "cost-effective" solution. By 1982, the funding for these programs was yanked, and the great minds went back to find a new solution.

1983-84 was the transition of thought for the government. It was decided that the US government would sponsor a super-team of it's own. Colonel Hawkins, a retired SF veteran was asked to plan and implement a team.

Hawkins made his first attempt in New York with a group that had actually formed themselves. The team came together as concerned citizens to chase down and capture a serial killer, which also had mutant abilities. Hawkins, called in by the New York Police as an "expert" on the matter of super powered mutants, was to help them apprehend the killer.

Hawkins made contact with "Catalyst" the leader of the group and pitched the idea of the team coming to work for the government. This meeting resulted in a non-commital answer and the matter was dropped. A few weeks later Hawkins passed information to Catalyst, which allowed his team to defuse a hostage situation. This event caused Catalyst to rethink the situation. He talked to his team, and they agreed to come on as the government team.

The team consisted of Catalyst, Synapse, Photon, and Hobgoblin. They lasted 2 months, before they mysteriously disbanded. All the members of the team retired and has not been seen in action since. This shook up the organization Hawkins was in charge of, and resulted in a number of "resignations" and retirements. The right hand man to Hawkins appeared to have vanished completely, but there wasn't enough concern in the media to generate a serious story on the matter.

What the media was interested in was Hawkins himself. A Vietnam vet, Hawkins was a Colonel who retired from the US Army Special Forces. Years later he resurfaced, working for the CIA. From here it appears that he moves onto the hero project with the DOD, still having strong CIA connections. All this is complicated by his constant but silent presence on Captial Hill.

For a time, silence is the order of business, then suddenly Hawkins, now a General, and his organization reappear, this time with a name and an official budget. Thus is formed the current entity known as the Bureau of Mutant Affairs (BoMA). Officially BoMA is a watchdog and research group, with a high threat action arm. They are said to be studying the paranormal problem in detail.

1988, BoMA has a new team of paranormals, and is now fully public in it's activities. This new team consists of Titan, Jaguar, Neuron, Lone Wolf, Insight, and Cameleon. A problem arises when it's discovered that Jaguar is a naturalized French citizen. Some contriversy over the acceptance of a non-american in the team is handled quietly by emphasizing the teams unity and capabilities.

After 18 months Lone Wolf leaves the team, and then Titan and Jaguar also leave. These last two are replaced by Wildcard and Napalm (whoes name is changed soon after!). By 1991 the team is solid and fully functional both in the media and in the field.

During this time the team crosses paths with a villian team Preacher and Savior. After a few encounters, Savior vanishes and Preacher goes underground. He resurfaces again on land he aquired from the Native Americans in New Mexico, where he is running a commune like sanctuary for mutants to live in peace. The team investigates and it's determined the commune will be left alone.

Six months later, it's discovered that everyone is gone, except for some corpses and the remnants of the compound, there is no clue as to what happened. Who conducted the attack and how are a mystery to this day.

Not long after this Lone Wolf asks for a leave of absence to handle some personal problems. He's later thought killed when he's seen entering a building and then the building explodes. No body was ever recovered, but it was presumed he had been killed.

Another encounter with a group calling themselves the Cybernetics happens about 6 months later. They're spawned from a lab explosion in the North Eastern United States. Sporting Greek Letter names they thrash the team pretty badly. They surface again 8 months later with a new member, Epsilon, which is obviously Lone Wolf. The Cybernetics manage to capture Wild Card. The team engages them in an attempt to free Wild Card. During the battle, a bolt of lightning strikes Epsilon, and he peels off his cybernetic "skin". Lone Wolf then battles and defeats Alpha, something the entire team hadn't been able to do. After the battle Lone Wolf states his new mission, to bring about the mutant domination of the world. Lone Wolf manages to escape.

About 6 months later the team bumps into Lone Wolf again in a building in Colorado. During the battle, Lone Wolf goes down, but a fire which had broken out flares massively and communications are lost. A search and rescue team arrives at the site and discovers that the fire caused less damage then was thought, but the team and Lone Wolf were gone.

Which brings us to now……