Pete's Wednesday Night Super Hero Game

(For lack of a better name)



PWNHG started out of a brainstorming session one Wednesday night in late May. Our regular group had partially disintegrated and we were trying to spark things up with three new people to the area (if you call an hour commute the area!)

The subject of who could run came up, and somehow it automatically gravitated to Pete. By the end of the night, all other ideas of someone else running were dead, and Pete was telling us the numbers for what he'd be running.

Pete was going to be gone for the following week, and his work schedule was going to be in the way for the three following that, but we were going to use that time to get characters ready to go and talk about the world.

Pete's absence sparked a flurry of email with character questions, early drafts of characters, and more questions. Upon his return from vacation Pete checked his mail to discover he had 30+ messages on the subject of his game. After which he noted in his email to the group, "We have no lives!"

The nuts and bolts of the game are fairly simple, the players will end up being a US government hero team in a world where "mutants" sprang up in the 1970's. All the PCs had to be mutants built on 100 points with no upper limit in disadvantages.

What's here is the game laid out so you can look at the parts and see what's happening. Feel free to use parts of this universe (since you will even if we ask you not to!) in your own game(s). Use the Navbar on the left to get around, good luck.