Date Formed: 1970
Estimated Membership: 5000 - 9000
Headquarters: Unknown
Area of Operations: Global
Leadership: Unknown. Suspected Leaders include Daniel Pierce and Adrian Claussen.
Sponsor: The organization appears to be intensely independent, but it is suspected that it draws support from various powerful corporate organizations.
Objectives/Target Audiences: * Undermine and circumvent the political systems of the worlds nations by means of financial manipulation, assassination and terrorism.
Background Viper is organized to place the control of the worlds governments into the hands of an as yet unknown financial elite. They believe that the world and it's population would be better off being the property of the "Cartel" and having all it's important decisions and plans made by experienced, qualified managers and executives.

Viper is thought to have begun as a small organization, formed from a core of financial magnates in the early part of the 1970's to use criminal activities to further their business interests. They supported the activities of several established criminal organizations and funded numerous terrorist groups whose goals were beneficial to them.

In early 1980 they experienced an upsurge in their membership, and it was learned that the nucleus of the organization had also grown. Their activities increased from passive support of other organizations to active assaults and covert operations, using their own agents and personnel.

Viper began using superhuman operatives on operations in mid 1982. They were used to support assault agents for the most part, until late 1984 when they began to use superhuman operatives to conduct missions in place of agents.

Viper's operations in the past have mostly been against federal targets, to obtain access to advanced technologies and set back federal projects. Typical acts include raids on research and storage facilities, bombings, and kidnapping. Hostages are usually scientists which have made recent advances of some type. The return of hostages in the past has usually been obtained through swift tactical action, not negotiation.

Selected Incident Chronology
May 1983 Implicated in several low key thefts from Kurtis Enterprises, a U.S. Defense contractor.
November 1984 A Viper Strike Team penetrated the security of Renault Engineering and stole the plans to an experimental battle suit under development for the U.S. Army.
July 1987 Conducted a raid against a U.S. Army convoy and stole an experimental attack helicopter. They later sold this helicopter to an unknown organization.
March 1992 Attacked a trade summit meeting in Athens Greece, using the their first flying battle armor system. 3 delegates were killed, including one from the United States, and 27 were injured.
February 1995 Claimed responsibility for a bombing in Quebec Canada that wounded 21 people.
January 1996 Attacked the American Orbital Laboratory "Sheridan" using an advanced multi environment battle suit. The attack killed all 12 inhabitants of the space laboratory.
October 1997 Assassinated the Chief Executive Officer of Roberland Computing, a prominent defense contractor during a charity luncheon of prominent business people in Portland Oregon.
January 1998 Attacked Eagle's Nest, the base of operations for America's Super Team. The attack killed 17 persons, mostly base security.
March 1999 Brutally murdered all seven NSA operatives that had been working inside the operation, some that had been in place eight years or more, and deposited their bodies on the steps of the White House.