Date Formed: 1975
Estimated Membership: 5000 - 7000
Headquarters: Unknown
Area of Operations: Global
Leadership: Unknown
Sponsor: The organization is supported by it own criminal activities and has no outside supporters.
Objectives/Target Audiences: * Amass power and wealth by any means necessary.
Background Megacide is organized to bring power and money into itself. It has no purest goals or high ideals, it is a criminal/terrorist organization to it's core.

Megacide is believed to have begun as an enforcement arm for various Organized Crime Syndicates. With the increase of Superhumans, Organized Crime wanted a means to protect it's interests from superheroes. A strong leadership entered the organization in early 1976 and the group split off from it's mother organization and went out on it's own.

In 1990 Megacide had a major increase in activity, it doubled it's raids and increased it's use of superhuman operatives to levels never before seen. It was during this time that they introduced the Mark I series of flying battle armor, which was highly successful against law enforcement agencies and the NSA Shock Teams.

Megacide has been using superhuman agents in it's operations from it's beginning. It is uncertain where it has managed to obtain so many superhuman operatives, but it has been determined that one fourth of the inmates in superhuman detainment facilities were Megacide operatives at one time or another.

Selected Incident Chronology
August 1986 Conducted a well timed raid in New York city, hitting 11 armored cars and 7 banks simultaneously. Total funds acquired 47 million dollars. 12 persons are injured.
March 1988 Assassinated the heads of seven Organized Crime families in retaliation for threats from the families that a war would ensue if they did not return to Organized Crime control.
September 1989 Raided the Montgomery Digital Electronics Labs in Los Angeles, California. Several designs and prototypes were stolen for experimental energy weapons. 5 security guards and 11 employees were killed and 9 injured.
July 1990 Introduced the Mark I flying battle suit during a raid on the Brinks Armored Car Company. This robbery netted Megacide 50 million dollars and proved the Mark I to be a highly effective system. Analysts predict that the money from the robbery would just cover the development and manufacturing costs of a system like the Mark I. 9 policemen were killed and 11 injured.
October 1990 Introduced the Mark II Flying battle suit in combat with NSA strike teams at a testing facility in Nebraska. The Mark II proved to be a bigger challenge then the Mark I. 11 NSA personnel were killed and 8 injured.
February 1991 Conducted a raid using superhuman operatives on the Johnston Atoll Chemical Weapons bunker. During the raid they grabbed the only existing canister of Compound 17.
June 1991 Conducted a raid against a Japanese Cargo Plane carrying the prototype for a new optical computer system. Hirohito Security was able to stop the raid.
May 1994 Introduced the Mark III flying battle suit during a robbery in San Fransisco, California. The system had several design flaws which allowed NSA personnel in cooperation with The Defenders to stop the robbery with minimal casualties. No civilians was killed.
July 1994 Raided the SynTech Industries Long Island Laboratory. The raid netted them the prototype for an experimental force field generator.
December 1994 Introduced the Mark IV flying battle suit during an attack on the Eagle's Nest facility. The attack was stopped, but it was only a diversion. During the attack, a plane load of Mandroid Battle Suits were stolen enroute to Edwards Air Force Base. The battle suits later turned up on the open market. The attack killed 3 security personnel and injured 31 other personnel.
July 1995 Contacted the NSA with the whereabouts of the stolen canister of Compound 17 and demanded 20 million dollars for it's return. Eagle Force and a Shock Teams managed to get the canister back without incident, and one of the foremost cells of Megacide was destroyed. More then 27 agents and scientists were arrested and 7 superhuman operatives were detained as well.
November 1996 Introduced the Mark V flying battle suit during a robbery in Dallas Texas. Local authorities were unable to stop the robbery and the McMillian Diamond Exchange lost 70 million dollars in cut gems. 12 policemen were injured and one employee of the Diamond Exchange was killed.
April 1997 Working with Dr. Nefarious, Megacide raided the Westwater Robotics Plant in Michigan and stole the plans for an experimental security robot.
January 1998 In a daring maneuver Megacide lures Eagle Force into an ambush and captures them. They are taken to an Antarctic Base and later manage to escape, and destroy the base with the help of another NSA operative using the AX-1. It is learned at this time that the Mark VI flying battle suit is being developed.
September 1998 Introduced the Mark VI flying battle suit during a raid on Eye-Site Station, an orbital communications and intelligence satellite. The raid, and destruction of the station were stopped by an NSA operative using the AX-2.
February 1999 Auctioned off 13 suits of Mark VI armor to various terrorist organizations and individuals.
March 1999 Megacide raids a military storage facility and captures a German experimental robot from World War II. During the raid 7 security men were killed.
July 1999 Working with Viper, Megacide abducted noted Genetics Specialist Nathan Brauhm from the Cox Pharmaceuticals Laboratory in Sarasota Florida.
August 1999 Assisted in the overthrow of the government of Maldigaro, a small Pacific Island Nation.
November 1999 Conducted a raid at the Fairlong Munitions Plant in California. The raid was known about in advance and Shock Teams were able to prevent the loss of any valuables. 18 NSA personnel were killed and 1 injured.
December 1999 Robbed the Crawford Diamond Exchange in Denver, Colorado. The theft netted them 47 million dollars in cut gems. 3 security guards and 2 employees were killed.