Date Formed:1990
Estimated Membership: 2000 - 5000
Headquarters: Unknown
Area of Operations: North American Continent
Leadership: Malcolm Vincent Crane is the reported leader of Genocide.
Sponsor: The organization receives donations from citizens which share it's public belief that mutants are unnatural freaks that should be exterminated. It receives large amounts of money from unknown sources, as well as it's own criminal activities.
Objectives/Target Audiences: * Remove from society by any means possible all "inferior" forms of humanity. These include mutants and aliens, which they feel are unworthy of sharing the universe with humanity.
 * Main influence is with the upper classes, and those with fanatical religious convictions.
Background Genocide was formed as a small activist group in the early part of 1990 when it was announced that several of the worlds super humans were the result of genetic mutations. Genocide's simple beginnings kept it out of the lime light, until the group went public in 1991.

Membership climbed in 1991 when, shortly after Genocide made itself public, a group of super humans went on a rampage in Dallas Texas. It was discovered, after the group was stopped, that they were all mutants. Although the authorities tried to dissuade the believe that mutants in general were dangerous, the damage was done, and Genocide gained a following.

In mid 1991 the first terrorist activities linked to Genocide began to occur. Activists would claim they set a bomb, others would say that the claim was false, and the populace was unsure of how to react.

Early in 1992, Genocide began a campaign of super human terrorist activities, and coordinated raids to knock out all possible "infestations" of mutants. These targets included all government research facilities that dealt with genetics research, regardless of weather or not mutants were involved.

In 1993 Genocide overrode the major network signals during the President's State of the Union Address to inform the world they were declaring war on all mutants. This was followed by three nights of rioting as factions of Genocide caused mayhem in every major city in the U.S.

Selected Incident Chronology
February 1991 Took credit for the bombing of a youth center, which they claimed harbored mutants.
May 1991 Implicated in the bombing of a State run Hospital in California killing 9 and injuring 23 others.
March 1992 Conducted a raid on the Madison Genetics Research Laboratory in Indiana. They ruined the facility and killed seven patients, claiming a victory against the mutants.
July 1992 Raided a National Guard Armory in Kentucky, stealing a large cache of automatic weapons.
March 1993 Attacked a DuPont chemical research lab in Ft. Worth Texas, killing 7 and injuring 12 others.
December 1993 Conducted a raid on the Winslow BioChemical Engineering Facility in New York State. Winslow reported that the group had raided their computer files for data, but were unable to give any more detailed information.
January 1994 Implicated in the theft of a series of freight canisters from trucks in the midwest. Stolen goods consisted entirely of medical equipment and supplies.
April 1995 Implicated in the bombing of a State Run Hospital in New York killing 2 and injuring 18 others.
March 1995 Attacked the Ames Research Center using super human operatives. The attack was poorly timed and executed and security managed to repel the attack.
May 1996 Attacked the Headquarters of the super team known as The Defenders. The group is made up entirely of mutants. The attack was thwarted with the assistance of Eagle Force and NSA Shock Troopers.
June 1996 Took credit for the murder of Miles Baker, a noted Genetics specialist.
October 1996 Took credit for the murder of Nathan Kettridge, a Genetics specialist.
March 1997 Attempted to kill David Blake, noted Genetics specialist working for the NSA. Several Genocide agents were taken into custody and questioned. They were all found dead in their holding cells at the Phoenix Police Department a fgew hours later.
August 1997 Conducted a well planned and coordinated raid on the Trask Laboratories in Hudson Wisconsin. They stole the prototype and plans for an experimental battle robot being designed for the U.S. Army.
October 1997 Kidnapped Dr. Horace LaGrange from the University of California Campus. 7 persons were injured during the kidnapping.
April 1998 Conducted a suicide attack against the Eagle's Nest compound in Arizona. 10 Genocide super human agents and 50 additional agents attacked. Eagle Force and base security managed to repel the attack, but not before severe casualties were done, and considerable damage.
March 1999Attacked the Lawson Industries R&D lab in Melleville, OH. 6 people were killl=ed in the attack and Lawson reported that data files relating to a high powered energy cannon were stolen.
September 1999Conducted a raid on container ship bound from Japan. The group made off with numerous containers which included an entire robotic assembly line system and several thousand tons of steel.