Points and Character Creation Notes

Base Points = 175 + (Age - 14)
Max Disads = 75 + Age
Max Disads from any single category is the usual 50 points.

When doing disads feel free to list Hunted, but leave the organization blank. This will represent agencies or individuals that will begin to hunt you as the early parts of the campaign take shape. If you have a specific idea for a group or organization feel free to list it and then send me a little info on what you feel this group is like and the types of things they do, and why they're hunting you.

There may be exceptions to these point rules, such as Jeff T.'s character will not get some of these points, but he will be getting other points which will represent his previous experience. Other exceptions may be made as the character ideas get ironed out.

If anyone has any questions about this please let me know.

For those of you who don't normally make HERO characters we'll get the group experts to help you once you've fleshed out your ideas. That way they can crunch the numbers for you to help you get a character together without too many headaches.

Just to let everyone know, don't send me numbers unless they have a background attached. Most of you know me and know how I do things, but for those of you who don't I prefer to have the background first, or the numbers and the background together so I can see how all the parts fit. please don't send me just numbers, it'll mean ZERO to me without knowing who the character is.