Valor Vibron Dark Angel Crossfire Super Nova Phase


Name: Margaret Eagleton

Age: 28


Margaret has no superhuman abilities, but she is an Olympic class athlete and in supreme physical condition. She is a master of martial arts and has extensive training in tactics, security systems, computers, and marksmanship.

In the field Margaret carries a plasma blaster and five extra energy cells, as well as an expandable baton and several small devices of Jason Avery's design. Before missions her finger nails are hardened with a chemical treatment that makes them extremely durable. She can effectively use them as slashing weapons.

Margaret is the backbone of the team. She is cool and level headed under any circumstances. She does not see this job as anything but another job. She finds Jeff's enthusiasm for his work as simple youth. Margaret's relationship with Jeff is based on personal feelings that she keeps very private. She likes to keep the relationship private, but Jeff is pretty open, which causes friction.

As team leader everyone looks to her for battlefield direction, and she excels under those conditions.

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Name: Jeff Mathers

Age: 22


Jeff has the ability to generate waves of vibrational force. He can focus these waves to form a blast of force for attack, or create force fields for defense. He can generate constant waves and exert 1 ton of force against an object to push it. He can manipulate objects at up to 100 feet away, provided the objects are not extremely fragile and weigh less then 200 pounds. Jeff's force fields are powerful enough to stop most conventional munitions and some of the more powerful energy weapons. His energy wave blast can shatter reinforced concrete and punch through solid steel easily.

Jeff is able to manipulate his vibrational waves to allow him to fly at 120 miles per hour Jeff's flesh is denser then a normal persons, and this provides him with a small degree of protection against physical attacks. It has stopped bullets of several occasions. Jeff possesses superhuman strength and may dead lift up to 1 ton.

Jeff Mathers is a young and extremely energetic man. He had a love of comic book superheroes before his mutant abilities manifested themselves, and now he lives out his dream of being a super hero. Of all the team he enjoys the work the most. Jeff is pretty easy going. He has a romantic relationship with Margaret Eagleton, who is a calming influence on him. Jeff is a comic book illustrator for his own comic book company "Vision Comics".

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Name: Christine Knight

Age: 28


Chris has no superhuman powers but relies on her training and a wide assortment of gadgets designed by Dr. Avery.

Chris is a powerful combatant, with extensive knowledge of martial arts and weapons skills. She serves as the 2nd in command of Eagle Force and also acts as the team pilot.

Chris is an Olympic class gymnast and acrobat. Chris is a fierce fighter and extremely loyal to the team. She is an adrenaline junky at heart and enjoys the action more then anything else.

She had a romantic relationship with Jason Avery but they drifted apart after the AX 2 crash and Jason's hospitalization and leave of absence.

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Name: Erica Friday

Age: 29


Erica possesses no superhuman powers. She is a well trained agent with knowledge of unarmed combat and marksmanship. She is an expert shot with her crossbow, and carries a variety of specialized quarrels into battle, all designed by Dr. Avery.

Erica lost her hand on a mission, and was forced to strap her crossbow to her arm to escape from Viper agents. She has since been fitted with a special brace which allows the crossbow to be attached and locked on. She also has a mechanical hand which connects to the same brace. The hand functions like a normal hand but has a stronger then normal grip. Erica wears a glove to cover her mechanical hand, which is very obvious.

Erica is calm and collected under any circumstances. She is dedicated to the mission of Eagle Force and follows Valor's orders without hesitation. She was slightly bitter over the loss of her hand until Dr. Avery managed to construct her a mechanical replacement.

Erica keeps herself busy most of her free time but tries to avoid intimate relationships of a romantic nature.

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Name: Roger Emerson

Age: 25


Roger has the ability to transform his body into a nuclear plasma. He can project bolts of plasma as an attack, and his transformed body provides him with protection. By manipulating the flow and ebb of his plasmatic form he can fly at 300 miles per hour. Roger's focused energy surge can burn through solid stone, and Vibranium steel in a matter of moments.

Roger is a dedicated young man who feels he's doing his patriotic duty to his country by serving with Eagle Force. He listens to Valor in the field and offers excellent ideas when asked.

His area of study is physics and chemistry. His scientific knowledge has been of use to the team many times.

Roger is troubled by what his powers might do to a relationship, and this has kept him out of close romantic relationships.

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Name: Derrick Hart

Age: 28


Derrick has an ability to manipulate his molecular density. He can become intangible, which allows him to fly at 15 miles per hour, or he can become as hard as diamond. When he increases his density he gains super human strength and physical protection. In the field this is his normal state, reserving his intangibility state for emergencies.

Derrick is a ladies man. He feels that he owes it to every woman in the world to romance them, and he's decided to start with the rich and beautiful ones.

Derrick is from a wealthy family, and he has made his own fortune twice.

Derrick is the most high profile member of Eagle Force. He sees his position as a rare opportunity to serve his country and still look good.

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