Date Formed: 1975
Estimated Membership: 5000 - 7000
Headquarters: Unknown
Area of Operations: Global
Leadership: Unknown
Sponsor: The organization is supported by it own criminal activities and has no outside supporters.
Objectives/Target Audiences: * Amass power and wealth by any means necessary.
Background Megacide is organized to bring power and money into itself. It has no purest goals or high ideals, it is a criminal/terrorist organization to it's core.

Megacide is believed to have begun as an enforcement arm for various Organized Crime Syndicates. With the increase of Superhumans, Organized Crime wanted a means to protect it's interests from superheroes. A strong leadership entered the organization in early 1976 and the group split off from it's mother organization and went out on it's own.

In 1990 Megacide had a major increase in activity, it doubled it's raids and increased it's use of superhuman operatives to levels never before seen. It was during this time that they introduced the Mark I series of flying battle armor, which was highly successful against law enforcement agencies and the NSA Shock Teams.

Megacide has been using superhuman agents in it's operations from it's beginning. It is uncertain where it has managed to obtain so many superhuman operatives, but it has been determined that one fourth of the inmates in superhuman detainment facilities were Megacide operatives at one time or another.