Strike Operations provides direct support for law enforcement and other government agencies when paranormal threats are involved. They handle security for all NSA PHO facilities worldwide and also assist in security planning for other locations which might be targeted by paranormals.

     Strike Operations usually fields two types of security personnel. Security Troops, which are well armed and often given specialized weapons and equipment if they have advanced knowledge of possible threat forces. These personnel are supported by Shock Troopers, personnel trained in the use of the Mandroid Battle Suit System. Although the Mandroid is an aging system it's been updated regularly to take advantage of advancements in technology, allowing it to stay effective.

     Strike Operations is the overt action arm of the NSA's Para-Human Operations Branch. Strike Ops as it is called is divided into regional units, some of which are tasked to provide operational assistance to other nations and even the UN.

     Strike Operations North America. Strike Ops NA handles security for the North American region. This region consists of the Continental United States as well as Canada and Mexico. Units are based throughout the US and are deployed via NSA Vari-Jet to hot spots as needed.

     Strike Operations Europe. Strike Ops Euro handles security for the European nations and has recently been providing assistance to the former Soviet Block nations. Units are based in Paris, Madrid and Berlin and deployed via NSA vari-jet as needed. It has recently been suggested that a unit of Strike Ops be deployed from Moscow as well, but this matter has yet to be decided.

     Strike Operations Mediterranean. Strike Ops Med handles security for the Mediterranean area as well as Africa, India, and allied Western Asia nations. Units are based in Athens and Istanbul. Units are deployed via NSA Vari-Jet as needed.

     Strike Operations Asia. Strike Ops Asia handles security for the majority of allied Asian countries. There is a single unit based in Tokyo Japan. the unit deploys via NSA Vari-Jet to various locations in Asia and the South Pacific.

     Strike Operations United Nations. Strike Ops UN handles delicate matters where UN member nations may desire assistance but do not wish to receive it directly from the United States. The unit is based in Geneva Switzerland and is made up of multinational personnel all drawn from UN member nations. Strike Ops UN is normally under the command of the Secretary General and the UN Security Council in matters where the unit must deploy to a "sensitive area". Assignment to the unit from NSA Strike Ops Command is considered a premiere assignment and is only given to those who have proven themselves in the field. The unit receives all it's equipment and support from NSA Strike Operations Command.