NSA Para-Human Operations uses a wide assortment of equipment in it's missions. Below is a brief description of some of this equipment as well as pictures to help with identification.


The Blackhawk helicopter is a common troop transport and gunship in NSA operations. The aircraft provides excellent carrying capacity (up to 11 troops with no seats) as well as high speed and maneuver characteristics. The Blackhawk can be mounted with missle or gun pods to give it a considerable punch for close support roles.



The Osprey serves many roles in the NSA. There are several variants including purley cargo versions, highly sophisticated survaillance platforms, troop transports and luxury diplomatic versions. The aircraft mixes the landing and hover versatility of a helicopter with the long range and speed of a conventional airplane.



The backbone of the NSA rapid deployment mission, the Vari-Jet is a modified B-1 Bomber. The plane is modified with more sophisticated communications and ECM (Electronic Counter Measures), VTOL capability, ballistic flight capabilities, and a number of other additions. The aircraft provides the NSA with rapid global reach, and the plane can also be used to deploy heavy firepower in the form of cruise missiles to hardened Ultra-Terrorist targets.



The Voyager is the standard executive helicopter in the NSA inventory. It provides luxurious seating for up to 6 passengers. The Voyager is a long range helicopter with mid-air refueling abilities which makes it a viable coast to coast solution for executive transport.