United Nations ParaNormal Survey

According to the last United Nations Para-Normal Survey (1998) the global break down of paranormals is as follows;

Global Population 4 Billion (4,000,000,000)

R-Factor Positive 4 Million (4,000,000)
     *Having the potential for paranormal abilities.

Paranormal 40 Thousand (40,000)
     *Having Paranormal Abilities.

Supervillian 24 Thousand (24,000)
     *Having Paranormal Abilities AND engaged in criminal activities.

Neutral 4 Thousand (4,000)
     *Having Paranormal abilities AND NOT involving themselves in ANY villian or hero activities.

Superhero 10 Thousand (10,000)
     *Having Paranormal abilities AND engaged in the lawful apprehension of criminals (either paranormal or not) in some fasion.

Vigilantes 2 Thousand (2,000)
     *Persons using unlawful or criminal means to apprehend or otherwise stop criminal activity.

The UN Report goes on to indicate there is a margin for error in these numbers and that there is no absolute way, at this time, to determine the accuracy. The base percentages of Hero, Villian, and Neutral are based on the verifiable actions of "Known" paranormals and then extrapolated out to include the whole population of possible paranormals based on the formulae that Dr. David Blake originally used to calculate the number of possible paranormal or R-Factor positive persons based on Genetic mapping tests condicted from 1960 to 1990.

These numbers are thought to be vauge enough to include all the known and unknown "super-natural" creatures which actually fall into the realm of Paranormal Humans including werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, fairies, and the like. In the case of these types of paranormals these numbers would only reflect the number here on Earth in the present time.