Cartel Cultural Information Sheet

Cartel History

When the Empire was torn asunder, many members of the House of Lords were caught in the middle of the civil war. Cut off from their peers, and what was left of the Empire, they were forced to fend for themselves. They sought to protect themselves, and their interests, forsaking the Empire and later the Alliance. Using what resources remained, they joined together to form the Cartel. Through their actions, they have become quite powerful in their own right.

Many Houses of the Cartel hold not only planets, but also systems, in their grasp. These groups of planets are brought together under one of the many Houses of the ancient nobility. Each House nominates a Syndic, to represent them in the Syndicate (the actual meeting place, and the meeting, is referred to as the Syndicate). The Syndicate chooses one of their peers to act as the Adjucator. The Adjucator is the equivalent of a Emperor or President, and acts in this capacity when needed. The Syndicate, however, makes the majority of decisions.


Each planet or system formed a republic, with a Syndic as the speaker for that house. (The Syndics were traditionally descendants from the isolated nobility.) An Adjucator, chosen by the Syndics heads the Cartel. Each House has a vote, cast through their Syndic. Whenever a new Adjucator is chosen, he/she must be voted in by a 2/3 vote to take the position. The Adjucator acts as an arbiter when the Cartel has meetings, as well as settles disputes between different Houses. If there is ever a tie vote, the Adjucator may break the tie (this has not happened in the last four decades, due to the Houses being an odd number).

Social Peculiarities

There is no differentiation between men and women in business. Since the major motivator within the Cartel is to acquire wealth, there are no restrictions for men or women. Also, there is no real method for marriage (it was disposed of as being very uneconomic), the act of drawing up contracts has become not only tradition, but art. Everything is settled under contract.

Syndicate Houses

Major Houses                           Minor Houses                              
House Holegate—Arms House Brooks—
House Sinclair—Luxury House Forester—
House Fores—Finance House Franklin—
House Randell—Security House Greystock—
House Cordell—Ship Manufacturing House Reynald—
House Habscomb—
House Allister—
House Danforth—

House Holegate—Arms  This House has made it’s money through the construction of all types of armament. They produce and sell everything from small arms to weaponry for battleships. They currently hold planets in two systems, three of them habitable.  Their home system, where they hold the most power is Arsenal.  They also hold one planet in the Pele system.

House Sinclair—Luxury This House deals in the wide-ranging market for pleasure. Almost any item related to creature comfort can be acquired from this House. They run the planet that they call home, in the Risa System, as a huge resort. The wealthy come form all over the known systems to partake of the luxury and pleasures of the fabulous Sinclair Resort. One of the main items that they do deal in, is the very rare, and expensive delicacy called Chocolate.

House Fores—Finance This House has made it’s wealth in money lending, finance, and the wide ranging stock market. The major players in the House deal with large corporations, and their monetary needs. They are sure to purchase shares in just about everything, assuring that they will have some hold over as much of the business world as possible. “Hostile Takeover” is their middle name.  This House does not control any one system, but has properties in several systems, and are primarily found on New Hague.

House Randell—Security This House is in what used to be called the protection racket. Although, now, they prefer (with the guns to back them up) the security business. They provide security to many different corporations, Houses, and non-aligned worlds. While some may call the services highly priced, the security is actually very good.  This House has no world to call their own, but have properties on several Cartel worlds

House Cordell—Ship Manufacturing This House owns the single largest shipyard in the known systems. They manufacture hulls, and power plants for every kind of craft. If you need an inner-system runabout, a freighter, or a luxury yacht, they will build it (and House Sinclair will do your interior decorating).  This House nearly owns the entire New Hague system, calling it's habitable planet home.  They have several manufacturing plants in the system, and their shipyard occupies it's own solar orbit.

Cultural Views

The Empire--They put too much stock in who a person's parents are, lineage isn't as important as ability.  Being ruled by some one based solely on his birth is economic folly.  The Empire will eventually fall as it did before.

The Alliance--This idea of letting everyone decide for themselves is ludicrous.  Everyone knows that the guy who keeps the garden doesn't know how to buy and sell, if he did, he wouldn't be keeping the garden.  More control by those in management positions would greatly enhance their way of life, and give them more power.

The Free Worlds--Endangered species, all of them.  Eventually these worlds will be swallowed up by those with more capability.  Either by the Empire, the Alliance, or us, it makes no difference.  They are destined to fail.  Strategically and economically, they will be unable to survive.  By joining one of the more powerful groups of worlds, they will gain power and safety.


Cartel--a group of business firms that agree to operate as a monopoly, especially to regulate prices and production.
Syndic—a person appointed to manage the business affairs of a corporation.
Adjucator—a judge or arbiter.

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