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Originally constructed in 1500 as a way-station near the Illumina Nexus, Station Constantinople was a point of commerce and trade, as well as a military strong point. During the Civil War the station, and the Nexus fell into disuse, as both sides concentrated their activities in other ares, consolidating their resources and leaving what had once been the core to decay.

During this time the station was used by pirates, spies, and refugees as a temporary shelter and meeting place. As the territory of the two major powers formalized, and the area known as Free Space began to take shape, the station took on the role of a port of call for the large number of ships conducting trade in the area. It was a rough and tumble place, with no fixed rules, and no real order. Eventually the station was abandoned for lack of support.

When it came time for the Armistice to be signed, Station Constantinople was chosen as the hasty site for the historic accords to be negotiated and signed. Time was of the essence and if these talks failed it might mean another half century of war. A large number of fringe elements assembled the necessary people, and they took on the task of making Station Constantinople operational in time for the talks. The story goes that it wasn't an easy job, but the talks eventually worked out the Armistice, and the Empire and Alliance have upheld the uneasy peace ever since.

Station Constantinople has been open as a duty free port ever since. The staff that brought the facility on-line stayed, and as the sector stabilized they made Constantinople a place people felt safe and welcome. Because of it's position, almost exactly in the middle of the Empire and the Alliance, constantinople is a busy transfer point for cargoes going from one power to the next. It's reputation, and it's role in the Armistice have made it possible for the station to have both an Imperial and Alliance embassy, something no other place in Free Space can boast.

Station Connie (as her regular visitors call her) has a full time population of several hundred, and a transient population sometimes close to ten thousand. It has the finest appointments of any space station in Free Space. Almost constantly "under construction" the station is the most up to date facility in Free Space (it's been online for over 200 years after all!).

The station has a full time security force to help maintain order and investigate crime on the station. Made up mostly of ex-military and law-enforcement people they are considered one of the best police forces in the sector.

Station Administrator is an inherited position, with the present administrator selecting his successor from a member of his staff, and entrusting that selection to the chief of security in the event of foul play. Once selected the job is for life, with a retirement plan which usually allows the administrator to leave his post at age 50 for one of the nicer House Sinclair resorts to live out the rest of his life.

Connie has a wide assortment of shops and businesses, which cater to most tastes and needs. It also has the oldest McDougal's Pub in Free Space.

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